Schlagwort: Deep Learning

Deploying ResNet50 semantic segmentation model on the nVidia Jetson Nano using onnxruntime

When we upgraded our robot Beteigeuze with entirely new electronic components, we decided on nVidia’s Jetson Nano platform as the robot’s primary computer. The Jetson Nano is an ARM based quad-core System-on-a-Chip (SOC) that features CUDA acceleration for Deep Learning models. As a test, we tried deploying the model that we used during last year’s …

Segmantic segmentation on a simulated maize field

Publishing our Object Detection Network and Dataset

In order to facilitate the use of deep learning based object recognition, and to improve cooperation and exchange between teams, we are open-sourcing the deep learning based weed recognition software that we used at this year’s online competition (FRE 2021).