Johannes Barthel

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Deploying ResNet50 semantic segmentation model on the nVidia Jetson Nano using onnxruntime

When we upgraded our robot Beteigeuze with entirely new electronic components, we decided on nVidia’s Jetson Nano platform as the robot’s primary computer. The Jetson Nano is an ARM based quad-core System-on-a-Chip (SOC) that features CUDA acceleration for Deep Learning models. As a test, we tried deploying the model that we used during last year’s …


Field Robot Event 2019

Kamaro participated in the 2019 Field Robot Event and came out in fourth place in the overall ranking, as well as second in the third task (weed detection). This year’s robot was the newly constructed model Dschubba, which utilizes hoverboard wheels and uses a differential steering. Below is a video of our freestyle task, demonstrating …